Monday, January 17, 2011

Humorous cards by Egg2Cake

greeting card by Egg2cake

Saw this blog post on Papercrave and had to repost this. Who would have thought of the word 'stressed' spelled backwards = desserts? What a genius! Desserts are definitely a great antidote for de-stress. :)  

Talking about desserts, I went totally ecstatic when I saw Ladurée's pop-up shop at Joyce in celebrating the fashion boutique's 40th anniversary. All of the chocolate flavours were sold out; we were very lucky in snatching up the last few pistachio macarons left, which is my absolutely favourite flavour, and also tried a new flavour, rose ginger, that smells and tastes heavenly. Unfortunately, this shop is now gone now so I would have to look elsewhere if I'm craving for more macarons.

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