Sunday, October 31, 2010

On a Fluffy Cloud ... Etsy treasury
 I thought it would be fun creating my own treasury, so here is my inspiration -- Sitting on a fluffy cloud. I particularly enjoy light, fluffy fabrics and soft colours. I was inspired by the cloud shaped marshmallows floating on cocoa picture by Herriot Grace that I saw a while ago on a blog. I think it is such a beautiful idea! Would love to make some pink ones in the future <3

Etsy treasuries

Happy Halloween everyone!
We are very happy to be included in two beautiful Etsy treasuries by ecdesign and clacontemporary. Feel free to leave comment at their lovely treasuries: All about Pattern and Spreading the Love 3

Friday, October 29, 2010

2011 Calendar now on Etsy

Our 2011 desktop calendar is here! Featuring 12 nature themed illustrations designed by me, inspired by the tranquility and beauty of nature. Some of the designs are influenced by my cultural background, such as bamboo, pebbles, chrysanthemum and ginko leaves. Our calendar is digitally printed on 100 lb cardstock paper with vibrant colours comes in a flippable jewel case that can stand on a desk. Great as holiday gifts or for your own to accent your desk or cubicle! It's now up on my Etsy shop, check it out here!

The inspirations:
January - leaves, February - dandelion, March - cosmos, April - unknown (this is the only unknown inspiration, if you know the name of the flower, please do let me know!), May - bamboo, June - magnolia, July - pebbles, August - hibiscus, September - Chrysanthemum, October - ginko leaves, November - morning glory, December - berries.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Calendar on the way

Fermin had been busying looking for print shops and calendar cases recently, and I had been busying setting up our website and Etsy shop, and therefore the calendar project has been neglected for a while. This weekend I am going to finish off a few more illustrations, and ready to send them to our printer next week. Stay tuned!

Now available at Kid Icarus!

Our handmade tea towels are now available at Kid Icarus in Kensington Market here in Toronto! Kid Icarus is a wonderful store that sells handmade goods made by local artists, as well as stationery, greeting cards, art prints, and screenprinting supplies. Some of my favourite letterpress greeting cards including Dutch Door Press and Egg Press are sold at Kid Icarus. Some of the art prints in the store are printed by store owners Michael and Bianca in Studio Number Nineteen, a custom screenprinting shop.

There are so many shops at Kensington Market to be explored: Fermin says the kebab is amazing, Wanda's Pie in the Sky has lots of fruit pies to choose from and one slice is large enough to be shared by two (really!), the churros is heavenly, and my favourite would be The Grilled Cheese, right across Kid Icarus, serving only grilled cheese. So if you have never been to Kensington Market, you should definitely pay the area a visit while you are on Queen Street West, another amazing area here in Toronto.

Kid Icarus 
75 Nassau Street, Toronto, Ontario
Tuesday to Saturday - 12pm to 6pm
Sunday - 12pm to 5pm
Mondays - closed

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


You cannot imagine how ECSTATIC I am this morning when I go to the Print & Pattern blog as usual, and then seeing my tea towels! I was literally jumping up and down for joy because it is such a great honour! I've been reading the blog since Julie, a co-worker introduced me to this wonderful blog two years ago while I still worked at Sears Canada as a Kidswear graphic designer, and since then, I have long admired all the beautiful prints and patterns from around the world. It has been such a great inspiration that it is the reason why I decided to venture out and start up deMOCCA with Fermin. You can click here for the full post on Print & Pattern blog. Cheers!

Hmm ... I think I need to do some exercise or yoga today to calm myself down ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Blues

From top left to right clockwise: Wild Pina curtain; Capri Blue soy wax candle; Caria knob; Tropical Flock chair; Rivulets quilt; Coqo floral rug; Pleat shade; Floral bowls; Great Expectations with fabric book cover
Not all Monday blues are dreadful. Not if they are from Anthrologie. *grin* Having stereotyped dark blue as conservative and masculine for years, I was never a fan of the colour. That is until I see how Anthropologie had put together this indigo theme in a delicate, yet not overly sweet way. I would love to pair the deep indigo with bold coloured tropical florals and birds home decor, like a modernized version of the Victorian style, and then imagine myself reading a novel while sipping Earl Grey in the drawing room on a lazy afternoon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Featured: Etsy Treasury

Thank you gardenmis and SheepishKnitCrochet for discovering us and featuring our tea towels in your Etsy Treasury. Your treasury finds put together such a great autumn theme. Click here and here to check out their lovely autumn finds. SheepishKnitCrochet also has some nice, chunky knits in her Etsy shop. We love the statement cowl scarf!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Etsy shop is UP!

Hi everyone, welcome to deMOCCA's blog! We are very excited to announce that our Etsy shop is up and running here! Our inspiration behind our first set of tea towels is the ability of mix-and-matching according to the mood or occasion. In order to achieve that, we decided to play with bright, fun colours and organic patterns that complement well with each other. You can use our tea towels for drying dishes, or taking a freshly baked pie out of the oven, or lining your snack tray for afternoon tea break, or even as placemats for a dinner party.

We are currently working on calendars 2011, which shall be available in November, as well as our website. For the time being, please check out our blog here or our Etsy store for our products. You can also visit our deMOCCA website. cheers!