Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

 First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Our biggest apologies for MIA for such a long time, I have been sick (twice!) ever since I am in Hong Kong. We are back and here to present two lovely stores.

LOG-ON is a lifestyle store that carries mainly Japanese brands and offers a wide variety of products: beauty & bath products, magazines, accessories, apparel, home gadgets, kitchen supplies, etc. There are so many innovative products that you could spend hours there. Unfortunately I was unable to make some store snaps, but it's definitely a store to go to when you needed to find a fun gift or just needed inspirations.

The second store find is called Upon Witchee that I stumbled upon today. It's a lovely store that carries confection-like accessories and clothing. The girly Japanese style is ever so pleasing and appealing. 

For ladies who have a weak spot for dessert-inspired or girly accessories, I shall be introducing two stores next time. Stay tuned!

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