Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Blues

From top left to right clockwise: Wild Pina curtain; Capri Blue soy wax candle; Caria knob; Tropical Flock chair; Rivulets quilt; Coqo floral rug; Pleat shade; Floral bowls; Great Expectations with fabric book cover
Not all Monday blues are dreadful. Not if they are from Anthrologie. *grin* Having stereotyped dark blue as conservative and masculine for years, I was never a fan of the colour. That is until I see how Anthropologie had put together this indigo theme in a delicate, yet not overly sweet way. I would love to pair the deep indigo with bold coloured tropical florals and birds home decor, like a modernized version of the Victorian style, and then imagine myself reading a novel while sipping Earl Grey in the drawing room on a lazy afternoon.

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