Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Airstream home office

Airstream Sport
 I have being away from this blog for such a long time due to family health issues. Some of my family members were very sick and I had been going to the hospitals very often recently, which I pray and hope won't happen again. Luckily all of them are recovering and are well now. Back to a more cheerful topic, our tea towels are featured in a few Etsy treasury, and one of them especially intrigued me. It is of Airstream theme, and upon seeing the treasury, it has awakened my forgotten dream of owning a trailer of my own (Yes!). Ever since I saw a picture of a revamped Airstream I have been imagining of owning one in my (small) backyard. It would be like having a secret hideaway place, plus the convenience of driving it to anywhere and have the comfort of a home. So here is the idea of how I'd transform an Airstream into my home office/den:

1. Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones, Utrasone ; 2. Carafe & cup, Velocity  ; 3. Stackable shelf units, Velocity ; 4. Loveseat, Ikea ; 5. Cushion, deMOCCA ; 6. Rug, Crate & Barrel ; 7. Computer desk, Ikea ; 8. Coffee table, Crate & Barrel ; 9. Parker Chair, Urban Outfitters ; 10. Mini Moss Terrarium, madebymavis Etsy
This decor inspiration board comes from a Japanese fusion restaurant called Gyotaku that I've recently visited. Its interior is accented with wood and stone elements, very modern and tranquil with the use of greys, white and beige. I'd love to share this home office/den with Fermin, and therefore simple, streamlined furnitures are chosen to keep the space neutral. Headphones are for Fermin as audio is Fermin's favourite hobby and terrariums are something I'd love to put in my home office when I have the space. The carafe and cup from Velocity is so adorable; I could use it for tea or for the rare occasions some Japanese sake (LOL). Well I can keep on dreaming about this home office ....

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