Monday, December 6, 2010

Lovely store finds in Hong Kong - Chocolate Rain

I first came across this adorable brand while I was at HKTDC last year and fell in love with the cute brand icon Fatina. What I admire even more is the designer's determination to create designs that are full of imaginations. I had no idea the designer has a store just down the street where Fermin lives, so when I saw the sign that says "I ♥ D.I.Y", I had to go check it out. The store is filled with many cute products and I finally have the chance to meet one of the designer/owner. She is a very sweet lady and has allowed me to snap some store photos for my blog (thank you ♥) After lingering in the store for more than half an hour, a bag of a camera pouch, a "Fatina and panda costume" USB, and keychain came home with me. She even put in a memo pad and magnets as a gift. Here is their website: Chocolate Rain

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  1. Hi! Can you tell me where exactly in SOHO can I find the store? I will be in HK this May and would love to check them out. Thanks :)